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Only Samoan nationals, citizens, permanent residents individuals can invest in UTOS. Samoan businesses, village and church committees, clubs, societies, associations and any other group of at least 3 people can also invest.

A child who is 18 years old and over can invest on his or her own behalf. A child under 18 years old will require the parent(s) or guardian(s) to invest on his or her behalf.

You will need to complete the ‘Application Form for Purchase of Units‘ that is appropriate for you, your family or organization. Submit the form, together with your investment and two photo identifications, to the office of the Manager where your application will be processed.

  • UTOS Office: Visit the UTOS Office on level 3 of the Development Bank of Samoa building and one of their staff will assist you with completing your application and receive your cash or bank cheque. You will be provided with a receipt for the purchase amount.
  • GCA (Gambling Control Authority): Visit GCA branches at the Salelologa Market. UTOS Unitholders can now buy units or even better open new accounts in Savaii through the Gambling Control Authority (GCA). If you have any questions regarding the possibility of investing in the Trust from Savaii please contact UTOS on 26949 / 29916, or GCA on 26512 / 7772121, or visit GCA branches at the Salelologa Market.

Yes, you can, depending on your situation and where you are residing. If you are a Government of Samoa employee, you can sign our ‘Authority for Direct Deduction’ form and we will arrange direct deductions from your salary. through the Ministry of Finance. If you are not a Government employee, you will need to complete a standing order with your bank to automatically transfer funds from your bank account to our bank account. If you are residing overseas, you can directly top up by remitting your funds to us through any money transfer company or online banking services offered by commercial banks. Contact us and we will give you the details of our bank account so that you can directly make transfers to our account to top up your investment.

Prices will be advertised at our Office, our website, and on Facebook. If you are on the UTOS email list, prices will be emailed directly to you when they are issued on the first Wednesday of each month.

We do not pay interest like commercial banks. We pay dividends and capital growth on your investment. How much we pay depends on the net profit of the Trust.

The Manager plans to pay out dividends once a year. Usually, the Board of the Management Company declares a dividend in June of each year but it is not paid out until the second week of July. Unitholders are given three months to make a decision as to whether they wish to reinvest or withdraw their dividend. If a Unitholder does not declare intention to withdraw his or her dividend within this period, the Manager will automatically reinvest the dividend.

Yes, you can. You are given up to three months to collect your dividend from our office. After that, all unclaimed dividends will be reinvested and you will automatically be issued additional units equivalent to your dividend amount, at the prevailing unit price.

It is up to you. However, we encourage you to invest your money for at least 3 years so that you can gain the most benefit.

No, the Government of Samoa cannot. We have an independent Board of Directors who are fiduciaries to the Unitholders. We also have the Trustee who is legally obligated to ensure that the best interests of the Unitholders are upheld.

The Government guarantees the money that is lent by UTOS to by the SOE’s. However, the Government guarantee does not extend to protecting Unitholders against losses on their investment. If the Trust is wound up or terminated, you will receive only your share of the net assets available after all debt and other costs of the Trust are paid.

Yes, you can. You will need to complete and sign the application form for online services and submit it to our office. Once we receive your signed form, we will process your application. Once approved, you will received an email with instructions as to how you can access your account online.