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Publish Date: 
26 Jun 2018


The Savaii Roadshow is an overdue initiative issued as a directive by the Executive Board to capture potential unitholders residing in Savaii. 118 of the total 2,101 unitholders reside in Savaii, which translates that of Samoan unit holders, only 5.6% are from the Savaii market. This has further highlighted the need to strengthen the UTOS presence in Savaii to realign with the organizational goal of

 “To provide an investment vehicle for an ordinary Samoa out in the village, a small farmer or fisherman”

We have managed to roll out to the selected villages the competitive products and services that UTOS have offered that are beneficial to unitholders. Apart from our existing products and services we now have utilized the existing technology that we already have in Samoa in ways of internet and mobile to develop our products in a form of an app to reach out to remote areas so that you can check your balance and make deposits online via mobile or any area with internet access.

Selected villages to host the planned seminars were selected on the following conditions:

  1. Location & Venue – Village Hall appropriately furnished to host the seminar team, convenient transport system/location (buses, walking distance etc) for neighboring villages to also attend.
  2. Samoa Post Office – Samoa Post Office near the village hall for convenient access by CFO for auditing and checks carried out.
  3. Population – high population numbers to attract for seminar.

The villages and selected venues were Salelologa – Jetover Hotel Conference Room , Fagamalo – Hall EFKS , Asau – Fale Komiti Tina ma Tamaitai , Sala’ilua – Fale Komiti Tina ma Tamaitai

Public awareness of the seminars regarding location and dates was advertised through different mediums.

  • Radio talkback Shows- four (4) radio shows was hosted on the following days: 30th May 2018- Talofa FM, 31st May - 2AP, 7th June- Talofa FM and 2AP same day
  • Lali ad- two (2) Lali ads was aired on the 7th and 8th of June 2018.
  • Ministry of Women Community and Social Development (MWCSD) Internal Affairs division were also involved with the notifying of village councils and Women’s Committee through formal letters on the scheduled program.

With the community notices made; the forecasted numbers of participants was targeted at 40- 50 people per session.



Overall, while the Savaii Roadshow turn-out was below expectations, this was a valuable event for key staff to experience and witness first hand, the areas that need urgent attention in order for UTOS to capitalize on the Savaii market. This has clearly highlighted the objective and need to build upon and nurture the relationship with not only customers but key partners such as the Samoa Post.

For Savaii, we are currently working in partnership with Samoa Post to submit new unitholders application forms and make deposits from its Outposts. The Customer Relations Division will endeavor to implement a new approach to capturing the Savaii market, which aligns with the Government initiative of “o mea e lelei mo Upolu, e lelei fo’i mo Savaii”.