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Media Release 2nd August 2019

UTOS IT Manager attend Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum

  2019 APrIGF, Asia 10th Conference | Vladivostok, Russia 

 The APrIGF 2019 10th Conference held in Vladivostok, Russia from 16th July to the 19th July 2019 was actually my first Internet   Governance Forum. I was not aware or heard of such Forum in the past since its existence 10 years ago. It was when I was a   member of the Internet Society for the Pacific Island Chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC) in the second half of 2018 that I   realised there is an Internet Governance Forum to discuss issues from a Multi-stakeholder approach to develop possible solutions   and positive outcomes for the Internet to be safe, global, open, accessible and secure for everyone. Despite first experience and   attendance but I was mainly connected to the Agenda of the meeting because of topics related to our small Island state such as   Safer Internet, Cyber Security and Regulation. Read more

Media Release 22nd May 2019


The Unit Trust of Samoa in partnership with Samoa Airways is proud to announce its Unitholder Reward Promotion that was officially launched yesterday 21st of May 2019. The UTOS Independence Draw will see the awarding of 2 x Apia - Sydney return tickets and 2 x Apia - Auckland or vice versa return tickets on Samoa's national carrier.

The Unit Trust of Samoa was set up in 2010 to provide the people of Samoa the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of assets. This promotion will be the first of its kind, with UTOS rewarding its unitholders for their ongoing support and coinciding with Samoa's 57th Independence Day Celebrations and in anticipation of our 10th anniversary, next year.

UTOS Management has agreed to certain conditions for this promotion by rewarding the very first group of Unitholders who opened their accounts with UTOS since the opening of the Trust Fund via a raffle. These are clients who joined the Trust from the period of September 2010 - June 30, 2011 (end of financial year) and have maintained active accounts to date.

There are 157 potentials winners who are eligble to win free tickets (for two) to Sydney, Australia or Auckland, New Zealand or vice-versa, the raffle will be drawn and winners announced on the 7th of June 2019. All unitholders either currently residing in Samoa or overseas are eligible for this promotional program.

The Unitholder Reward Promotion will continue and another raffle will be held and drawn at the end of the year, aimed at rewarding unitholders who joined during the 2011 - 2012 financial year - and the Trust aims to continue hosting reward draws for unit holders in partnership with Samoa Airways.


Media Release 9th May 2019


An article published on the 5th of May 2019 titled "Unit Trust of Samoa's profit drops by $78,628" by the Samoa Observer stands to be corrected. The headline of the article should have been more correctly worded as "Unit Trust of Samoa (Management)" Limited's profit drops by $78,628". This seems to be a common misconception between the two - Unit Trust of Samoa (Trust) and Unit Trust of Samoa (Management) Limited. The Unit Trust of Samoa (Trust) or UTOS as it is commonly known was establised under the Unit Trust Act 2008. The Act states that any Unit Trust must have a Manager and a Trustee. The Manager is UTOS (Management) Limited. The Trustee is an Independent Trustee Company. 

UTOS (Management) Limited is a government state owned enterprise (SOE) that has been tasked to manage UTOS (the Trust). UTOS (Management) is responsible for the trading of units, enticing Samoan nationals to buy units, and prudently investing unitholder funds with the goal of managing a diversified portfolio of investments. Read more

Media Release 2nd April 2019


  CEO Bluesky Samoa, Toleafoa Doughlas Greevey and CEO UTOS, Tevaga Viane Tagiilima shaking hands and holding                signed Agreements for the use of M-TALA.

 UTOS Unitholders have started their month of April with great news. As of Tuesday 2nd of April, an announcement was made           publicizing a new added benefit for all UTOS unitholders; whereby they can now purchase Units with UTOS using Bluesky’s new           innovation; the M-Tala.

 The usual process where UTOS customers had to visit and queue up at the UTOS Office on level 3 of the Development Bank of             Samoa building or visit any Samoa Post Office, complete the 'Application Form for Purchase of Units', hold large amounts of cash         money and provide two photo identifications, to the office manager where your application will be processed – can now be made easier with the launching of the M-Tala.

“Bluesky has all of this modern technology which we have utilized to come up with a useful solution to enable a more convenient lifestyle for our customers. Today, we’re proud to announce another added benefit of our partnership with UTOS where UTOS members can buy shares conveniently from the comfort of their own homes, without the need of smart phones or data. Bluesky is not just a data network, we’re also a solution selling network.” Says Toleafoa Douglas Creevey

“M-Tala was designed with the rural population in mind who do not have easy access to make money transfers and to pay their every day bill payments - the functionality of the M-Tala caters to just that.” Blueksy CEO added.

UTOS CEO, Tevaga Viane Tagiilima acknowledges the great work by Bluesky Team and Launching of the M-Tala service is a big step towards making it easy for the local public to buy UTOS units using the M-Tala service. And for our overseas clients down the pipeline they can also purchase units from abroad when the M-Tala service implements its phase 2. UTOS pays out dividends in June of each year pending the Trust financial performance, unitholders are given three months to make a decision as to whether they wish to reinvest or withdraw their dividend. If a Unit holder does not declare an intention to withdraw his or her dividend within this period, the Manager will automatically reinvest the dividend. Therefore a perfect time to sign up for a UTOS account and start buying Units is now and with it being available on M-Tala lining up or catching a bus to town areas or local post offices will not be required. Simply visit any local Bluesky Store and register for an M-Tala account and start buying your shares safely and easily.

The Unit Trust of Samoa has a 25% equity investment in Bluesky Samoa, the launch of UTOS M-Tala service will continually strengthen the competitive edge of Bluesky Samoa therefore gains earned by Bluesky will be indirectly channeled back to UTOS unitholders either through dividends or unit value growth. Currently UTOS has more than 2,500 unitholders who can now utilize this new service to continually build their investment for a better future.

Registration for M-Tala is free with only 3 easy steps to get you started: 1) Register at any Bluesky Retail Store or Authorized M-Tala Agents with a Photo ID, 2) Receive your confirmation text message with activation key number, 3) Active your M-Tala Account by dialing *175# and using the activation key number. It’s the same *175# menu that our customers can use to purchase their shares with UTOS and follow through with benefits available to them.

There are more added benefits coming soon with M-Tala, now is your time to sign up for free at any of our Bluesky Retail Stores. Or if you’re a business owner who wishes to register your business as an M-Tala Agent call 67121 from any local network for more information.

Article from the Investment Innovation Institute


  Dissecting the Contrarian Mindset | i3 Podcast with Abnormal Returns

  Justina Sa'u, Chief Executive Officer of the Unit Trust of Samoa,
  passed away in October this year. In this article, we celebrate
  the life of an extraordinary business person and trailblazer for 
  Samoan women. Read more


Media Release 30th November 2018


The Annual General Meeting of the Unitholders of UTOS (Trust) was held at the Development Bank of Samoa Conference room on Friday 30th November 2018.

Acting CEO for UTOS; Fainuulelei James Ah Wai welcomed the Honourable Minister of Finance, members of the Board of Directors of the UTOS (Management) Company, Trustee, and fellow unitholders present at the meeting. Mr. Ah Wai also led a moment of silence to pay tribute to the former CEO for UTOS the late Sa’u Justina Sa’u- Lam who passed away last month.

The Trustee, Taito John Roache from Tafailagi Trustee Company Ltd then proceeded with the opening remarks, whereby under the Unit Trust Act 2008 and Trust deed; covered their critical role of independence in vesting of all investments and other properties of the Trust to hold in trust on behalf of the unitholders in compliance with the provisions of the Master Trust Deed 2010, Amending Deed 2017 and the Act.

Taito spoke on their working relationship with the Board of Directors and Management and Staff of UTOS to ensure that the Manager remains in compliance with Central Bank of Samoa Prudential Guidelines and other governing legislations regarding the investing of the Trust’s funds.

The Honourable Minister of Finance, Sili Epa Tuioti, delivered the keynote address and officially opened the Meeting. He spoke on the primary objective of the Government for establishing UTOS and overall plans of the Government for the UTOS(Management) Company. UTOS provided the opportunity for Samoans to hold shares in privatised State Owned Enterprises. The Government is keen to grow the number of overseas and local based Samoans to invest in UTOS. As at 30th October 2018, the total number of unitholders is 2,263. It was noted that the future prospects of UTOS investments are strong and attractive. Therefore the unitholders present at the meeting were asked to encourage their families and friends to invest in UTOS, and look towards a bright future for themselves, their families, businesses and organisations.

The Honourable Minister of Finance, also stressed to the unitholders, the importance of investing funds in UTOS for a term of three or more years to get the maximum return on their funds. These returns include dividends that are paid to annually to the unitholders and capital gains. The initial unit price in 2010 was .97 sene and it has grown steadily over the years with a current prevailing price of $1.61. The main aim of the Unit Trust is to build economic growth for a better future; focusing on long term investments in order to realise a high return to unitholders on their investments.

Sili also spoke on Government’s plans to provide opportunities to ensure that UTOS continues to grow for the benefit of Samoans.  Some of these opportunities included the investment in shares of the Samoa Submarine Cable Company Ltd and financing of the Malo Samoa Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.  Hon. Sili Epa Tuioti was also pleased to announce the Cabinets approval for UTOS to finance the new Samoa High Commission office in Wellington, New Zealand commencing 2019 with an approximate cost of $25 Million Tala.

The Hon. Sili Epa used the opportunity to sincerely thank all unitholders for their continuous support and believing in the Governments dream by investing in UTOS (Trust)which has proven beneficial for many Samoans. Lastly the Finance Minister concluded by paying tribute to UTOS former CEO the late Sau Justina Sau- Lam.   She was a valuable leader who was with UTOS since the beginning and has contributed invaluably not only to the Government of Samoa but to all of our citizens. Gratitude to Sa’u Justina Sau-Lam for leading UTOS for the past eight years for her great work has now blessed UTOS with its ongoing success. 

He also thanked the current Trustee, Chairman and Board of Directors for the Unit Trust (Management) Company, including Management and Staff for their good work done for the last financial year.

Hon. Sili Epa officially opened the 8th AGM for UTOS and handed the floor to Taito, who in his capacity as Trustee appointed the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UTOS Management Company, Afoa Asiata Kolone Vaai to chair the Meeting.



Roadshow 11th June 2018


The Savaii Roadshow is an overdue initiative issued as a directive by the Executive Board to capture potential unitholders residing in Savaii. 118 of the total 2,101 unitholders reside in Savaii, which translates that of Samoan unit holders, only 5.6% are from the Savaii market. This has further highlighted the need to strengthen the UTOS presence in Savaii to realign with the organizational goal of

 “To provide an investment vehicle for an ordinary Samoa out in the village, a small farmer or fisherman”

We have managed to roll out to the selected villages the competitive products and services that UTOS have offered that are beneficial to unitholders. Apart from our existing products and services we now have utilized the existing technology that we already have in Samoa in ways of internet and mobile to develop our products in a form of an app to reach out to remote areas so that you can check your balance and make deposits online via mobile or any area with internet access.

Selected villages to host the planned seminars were selected on the following conditions:

  1. Location & Venue – Village Hall appropriately furnished to host the seminar team, convenient transport system/location (buses, walking distance etc) for neighboring villages to also attend.
  2. Samoa Post Office – Samoa Post Office near the village hall for convenient access by CFO for auditing and checks carried out.
  3. Population – high population numbers to attract for seminar.

The villages and selected venues were Salelologa – Jetover Hotel Conference Room , Fagamalo – Hall EFKS , Asau – Fale Komiti Tina ma Tamaitai , Sala’ilua – Fale Komiti Tina ma Tamaitai


Public awareness of the seminars regarding location and dates was advertised through different mediums.

  • Radio talkback Shows- four (4) radio shows was hosted on the following days: 30th May 2018- Talofa FM, 31st May - 2AP, 7th June- Talofa FM and 2AP same day
  • Lali ad- two (2) Lali ads was aired on the 7th and 8th of June 2018.
  • Ministry of Women Community and Social Development (MWCSD) Internal Affairs division were also involved with the notifying of village councils and Women’s Committee through formal letters on the scheduled program.

With the community notices made; the forecasted numbers of participants was targeted at 40- 50 people per session.


Overall, while the Savaii Roadshow turn-out was below expectations, this was a valuable event for key staff to experience and witness first hand, the areas that need urgent attention in order for UTOS to capitalize on the Savaii market. This has clearly highlighted the objective and need to build upon and nurture the relationship with not only customers but key partners such as the Samoa Post.

For Savaii, we are currently working in partnership with Samoa Post to submit new unitholders application forms and make deposits from its Outposts. The Customer Relations Division will endeavor to implement a new approach to capturing the Savaii market, which aligns with the Government initiative of “o mea e lelei mo Upolu, e lelei fo’i mo Savaii”.